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In any situation which offers great advantage or gain, I immediately look for ways in which that will not occur.
The obvious questions are:

Will the ordinary person be allowed to gain from holding gold if gold gains such a huge purchasing power?

Will the US demand that all countries with US debt, and maybe more, make gold holding illegal in exchange for the US swapping gold for debt?

A search of FOFOA's blog reveals the following:

Confiscation Anatomy - A Different View
Friday, August 21, 2009


Please do not take this post as a definitive, final statement on this very complex topic. This is only one view of many that explains why confiscation will not happen. Once you understand the dynamics of a completely demonetized, free, non-fractional, physical-only gold market (freegold), it will become clear that this is where the river of time is taking us. This particular post is meant only to encourage a focused discussion on this "concern", for the benefit of us all. In fact, think of this post as a primer or introduction if you will. Or if you prefer, think of it as a dose of ocular Xanax for your "gold-angst".

A Little Perspective
Saturday, July 18, 2009


I think you misunderstand ANON. The message is the opposite. Anon's message is that this is a CONTROLLED evolution (under the umbrella...). Taxation and confiscation of gold in the freegold future are both HIGHLY unlikely.


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