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VIDEO: Are car sales gauge of India's growth?

Mon, 08/02/2016 - 00:08
The BBC's Shilpa Kannan went to test the mood at the Delhi Auto Show 2016.
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German arm of Maple Bank shut down

Sun, 07/02/2016 - 15:15
The German arm of Canada's Maple Bank is closed by German authorities over concerns about its financial position.
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MPs challenge 'unclear' bank tax rules

Sun, 07/02/2016 - 12:44
Chancellor George Osborne is asked to clarify whether banks can use the cost of fines for wrongdoing to reduce the amount of tax they pay.
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Sugar tax 'not taken off the table'

Sun, 07/02/2016 - 11:51
The prime minister "has not taken a sugar tax off the table", Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt tells the BBC.
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China's currency reserves plunge

Sun, 07/02/2016 - 10:53
China's efforts to prop up its currency result in a $99.5bn plunge in its foreign currency reserves in January.
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North Sea could lose 150 platforms

Sun, 07/02/2016 - 09:24
Nearly 150 oil platforms in the UK North Sea are expected to be scrapped over the next 10 years, according to industry analysts.
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VIDEO: Chinese wedding photos - in London

Sun, 07/02/2016 - 06:29
BBC News meets a photographer who specialises in taking pre-wedding photos of Chinese couples in London, a growing trend.
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Calls to legalise betting in India

Fri, 05/02/2016 - 22:16
The clamour to legalise sports betting in India
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VIDEO: Super Bowl 50: In numbers

Fri, 05/02/2016 - 22:14
Super Bowl 50, American football's showstopper takes place this weekend between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. The BBC takes a look at the numbers.
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Wall Street tumbles on jobs data

Fri, 05/02/2016 - 22:03
US stocks fall after lower-than-expected jobs figures signalled a potential softening in the US economy.
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US economy adds 151,000 jobs in January

Fri, 05/02/2016 - 21:23
The US economy added 151,000 jobs in January, helping to push the country's unemployment rate down to 4.9%, official figures show.
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HSBC pays $470m for mortgage misconduct

Fri, 05/02/2016 - 19:02
HSBC reaches a settlement with the US government over dubious lending and foreclosure practices that contributed to the financial crisis.
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FTSE 100 follows Wall Street lower

Fri, 05/02/2016 - 17:03
London's leading shares lost ground in afternoon trading on Friday, following Wall Street lower after disappointing US jobs figures.
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ArcelorMittal slumps to $8bn loss

Fri, 05/02/2016 - 15:49
ArcelorMittal slumps to an annual loss of almost $8bn (£5.4bn) as the world's biggest steelmaker is hit by plunging commodity prices.
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'No UK crimes' by flash crash trader

Fri, 05/02/2016 - 15:12
Navinder Sarao, the "flash crash" trader, should not be extradited to the United States because the offences he is accused of were not crimes in the UK, his lawyers said.
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VIDEO: How will young find jobs in future?

Fri, 05/02/2016 - 14:31
Colm O'Regan looks at geo-demographics and the future of work.
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VW delays publishing its results

Fri, 05/02/2016 - 13:58
Volkswagen says it will not release its results nor hold its shareholders' meeting on time, as it needs more time to work out its accounts as a result of last year's emissions crisis.
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Age UK faces new criticism on insurance

Fri, 05/02/2016 - 12:43
The charity Age UK is facing further criticism - this time for selling insurance deals that may not be the best value for money.
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VIDEO: China's new year helps abalone sales

Fri, 05/02/2016 - 11:38
Abalones, or marine snails, are a much sought-after delicacy in Asia with demanding peaking around the Chinese new year - and many are sourced from South Africa.
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VIDEO: New SA train on track for growth

Fri, 05/02/2016 - 11:30
How an urban train network is expanding in the South African city of Johannesburg.
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